RCS | Optometrist's Guide to Strabismus (Canada)

Sat, June 25 2016, 9:30 AM - Sun, June 26 2016, 4:00 PM [EST]

2080 Appleby Line, Burlington, Ontario, Canada


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Event Information

Sat, June 25 2016, 9:30 AM - Sun, June 26 2016, 4:00 PM [EST]

About the Events

Seminar Description

Title:  The Optometrist's Guide to Strabismus: Reorganizing Space, Time, and the Visual Process

This course explores clinical considerations for analyzing the sensory status of the patient with strabismus. Evaluates optometric findings in a sensory processing context. Helps clinician establish a prognosis and plan for strabismus training. Introduces the MIT as a diagnostic testing tool. Helps clinicians interpret image projection responses, both normal and anomalous projection. Provides recommendations for activities which support processing of visual information over 4 dimensions of space/time.

Therapists interested in attending are strongly encouraged to do so with their optometrists.

. • Provide a context to help optometrists/vision therapists relate to the world as seen through the eyes of the patient with strabismus

• Explore how patients with strabismus may adopt a modified form of binocularity to match their visual perception of the world with the tactile reality of the world.

• Provide a therapeutic tool which can be used to:

1. Assess the sensory status of the strabismic patient.

2. Help the strabismic patient re-establish their “binocular software.”

• Explore supplementary procedures which support the development of spatial organization and 3-dimensional thinking in patients with strabismus.


• Thinking in 3 (4) Dimensions

- Visual Adaptations

• Case Analysis

- Patient-oriented Sensory Assessment

- Optometric findings

- Sensorimotor interpretation

• Sensory Fusion and Motor Fusion

• Classic model vs behavioral model

• Diagnostics of Visual Projection

- MIT/Swirl as a diagnostic tool

- Normal and Anomalous Projection (Correspondence)

- Assessing Anomalous Projection

- Cover Testing

- Brock Posture Board Campimetry

- Compartmentalized visual perception in strabismus

• Therapeutics: Development of binocular processing

- Biofeedback with MIT/Swirl

- Flow chart

• Building a 4-D Brain: Vision Therapy techniques for all binocularly-challenged patients.

- Harnessing Monocular Depth Cues

- Looming: Processing space/time

- Multi-sensory Integration Activities

- Central-Peripheral Integration Activities

- Visual Processing Development in computerized games

- Visual Imagery: Visualization and Visual Memory Activities



Instructor Bio

Dr. Samantha Slotnick has a diverse background in optometry and vision research. She is a graduate of SUNY College of Optometry where she also completed her Residency in Vision Therapy and Rehabilitation, along with advanced studies in Vision Science.

Her private behavioral optometry practice is in Scarsdale, NY, and she remains involved in both functional and anatomical vision research as a consultant. Recent projects include utilization of Spectral Domain Optical Coherence Tomography in the identification of a biomarker for Parkinson Disease, and the relationship between prosopagnosia and hemifield loss of contrast perception following acquired brain injury.

Dr. Slotnick leads seminars and workshops on vision training for patients with Strabismus. She recently co-authored a chapter in the book, Visual Diagnosis and Care of the Patient with Special Needs, entitled “Optometric Management of Functional Vision Disorders.” She has attained Fellowship in the American Academy of Optometry and the College of Optometrists in Vision Development. Dr. Slotnick sits on the Peer Review Board of Vision Development and Rehabilitation, the quarterly publication of COVD. She also serves on the organizational board of the Eastern States Optometric Congress, providing an annual educational program dedicated to vision therapy and vision development.


Seminar Schedule

12 Hours Continuing Education


9:30am-6:30pm (1 hour lunch break)


9:00am-4:00pm (1 hour lunch break)

** Lunch and refreshments will be provided.**


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Pearson International Airport, YYZ

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Sandman Oakville Hotel

3451 South Service Road

West Oakville, ON L6L OC3



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A non-refundable fee of 25% of registration fees if cancelled within two weeks of RCS. No refund for cancellations received within two weeks of the RCS.

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